Frequently Asked Questions

What services you provide in Switzerland?

We offer our clients the following services in Switzerland.

  1. Swiss Company Incorporation
  2. Swiss Real Estate Services
  3. Swiss Residence Permit
  4. Swiss Annuities and Insurance
  5. International Tax Planning
  6. Swiss Residency and Citizenship

At present we are only able to assist wealthy clients (EU and non EU)  and large multinational corporations.

What are the minimum investment required?

Swiss Real Estate – CHF 1 million plus
Swiss Residence Permit – CHF 200,000 (to cover necessary fee and costs)
Swiss Annuities – CHF 50,000
Swiss Company Formation – see the company formation page.

 Can i make personal visit to Switzerland?

We encourage our clients to come visit Switzerland and we can arrange a personal meetings  with our specialists in Geneva, Zurich. This is very important to discuss your requirements with swiss residency, real estate or company formation. You might also need to come in person to complete government formalities. Please contact us for appointments.

How can i immigrate to Switzerland with my family?

If you come from a rich background, you can move to Switzerland as

1. Retiree
2. Company Incorporation (setting up office in Switzerland to do business)

You will need to apply for swiss residence permit in both cases and your family members can accompany you later.

What about the taxes in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a very expensive country to live and taxes are very high.  Taxes need to paid by foreigners at federal level, cantonal level and municipality level. In addition there are 5 different taxes…

  • Income tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Gift tax
  • Capital gains tax


How difficult is to get Swiss citizenship?

Swiss citizenship has become very difficult to obtain nowadays and money alone cant buy swiss citizenship. Generally one need to live in Switzerland for about 12-15 years to apply for citizenship, but even then there is “no guarantee” whether the citizenship will be awarded to foreigner.

How much time it takes to to receive a swiss residence permit?

It usually takes about 3-4 months to get a residence permit in Switzerland.

Why swiss annuities are considered best investments in Switzerland ?

Due to steady rise in swiss franc against world major currencies, there has been a lot of demand for swiss investments denominated in Swiss Francs. Once such investment is Swiss franc annuities because it guarantees growth and safety of your money.  Just invest a lump sum of CHF 50,000 (equivalent in USD) and chose how you want your income – immediate or deferred. Swiss annuities are always considered a better alternative to swiss bank accounts, as long as you report this investment in your country and pay taxes accordingly.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.