In Switzerland, foreigners are welcome to establish new companies and production facilities. Switzerland is a very business friendly country to do business and trade.

There are about 26 swiss cantons to incorporate your company and expensive cantons are Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Bern.  The AG is similar to large corporations and Gmb (SARL) works just like an LLC.

The canton of Zug is very popular for company formations, because of its low favorable taxes for companies. Zug is about 22km from Zurich.

 Non EU Nationals

The requirements of the Swiss Authorities are very high  for Non EU nationals. Employing swiss people is usually one of the requirements while the company turnover has to be in the Millions of Swiss Francs for non EU nationals who want to set-up a swiss company. You will also need a local lawyer to advise. He will charge from the beginning, very important to know. We will be delighted to introduce you accordingly. Do you have any canton or region in mind?  

Buying a property for yourself as a resident depends on the canton. Switzerland is very strict for non EU nationals and each canton decides if they allow you to buy a residential property.

Please note that you must have lived in Switzerland for 12 years to qualify for Swiss passport.

Company Types AG / SA GmbH (Sarl)
Average timeframe to set up a new company approx 1- 2 weeks approx 1 – 2 weeks
Migration of domicile possible? Yes Yes
Company Requirements
Standard authorised share capital CHF 100,000 CHF 20,000
Bearer shares allowed? Yes if share capital fully paid up No
Minimum number of shareholders 1 1
Minimum number of directors 1 1
Corporate directors permitted? No No
Local directors required? Yes Yes
Local meeting required? Yes Yes
Company secretary required? No No
Swiss Corporate Taxes
Corporate tax rate variable depends on canton (approx. 8% to 30%)
Ordinary tax base worldwide income
Tax exemptions special tax status may be negotiated for certain types of activity
Withholding tax on dividends – tax rate 35%
Withholding tax on interest – tax rate 35%, only in specific cases
Withholding tax on licence fees and royalties None
Double taxation treaties more than 70
Value Added Tax rate 7.6%
Disclosure and Reporting Requirements
Disclosure of beneficial owner No No
Government register of directors Yes Yes
Government register of shareholders No Yes
Annual return Yes Yes
Submission of accounts No, only with tax authorities and certainly not open for disclosure No, only with tax authorities and certainly not open for disclosure
Audit required? depending on activities, financial accounts, total employees depending on activities, financial accounts, total employees

We assist large multinational corporations to setup manufacturing factory, office and production facilities, acquisition of land in Switzerland along with company formation.

Fee and Charges

Our fee and charges for company formation are listed below…

Setup/ Incorporation Fee:  CHF 4500
Registered office fee: CHF 2000
Director/Board Member Management Fee: CHF 7500

Virtual office Service: available
Partner/Secretary/Manager:  Available (on hourly rates)

* All prices exclude Swiss VAT.

Note: We assist our clients in opening a business bank account with the company formation.

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